Day 6: ….Tropical Bliss….

Anthiriums are one of my favorite flowers. I love the texture and the awesome colors they come in! The most popular color they come in is red. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, they kinda look like heart too!

So let me set the scene for you….. I can see this set for a small beach wedding on the sand. The Alter being a very simple bamboo arch and the chairs the dark chiavari to match. Well “dive” right in….

The Bridal bouquet is created with mainly anthiriums accented with red hypericum berries and variegated lily grass looped under in a collaring effect. For the handle a tightly wrapped paper covered wire is banded with red and black stripped ribbon.

For the Groom, my personal favorites right now, a pocket square. These are a great way to use a larger bloom (here, an anthirium) in a simple yet elegant look. A few Galax leaves are added to finish off the look.

If the pocket square is a little out there for you (they sometimes can be!), a boutonniere made from hypericum berries. The stems are finished with the same paper covered wire to add a uniform look!

Okay, bringing you back to the scene, picture these chair pieces on the dark wood chiavari chairs!! A single anthirium tops off a large cluster of the variegated grass with a couple of Galax leaves collared below the anthirium. The grass reminds me of a hula shirt!

Using flowers that fit the venue adds the perfect touch! It can be as simple as a single bloom, but used in the right way it can convey a clear message.


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