Day 8: ….Bling Bling Bling….

Glitz and glam have been a popular trend for a few years now. Have you seen the growing trend of all brooch bouquets?! They can be SO pretty! ( )

When I saw these I automatically thought how perfect theses would be with heirlooms! I have a ton of costume jewelry that my grandmothers gave me throughout the years and the brooches would make such fun bouquets! Oh course I would NEVER sell them since they are my heirlooms…. But this could be replicated with the Bride and Grooms heirlooms. Have a lot of women in the family? Borrow a brooch from each of them. AND if one has blue in it then you have two things down…. all you need is something old and something new, the two easiest!

Since I am a FLORAL designer, I just HAD to add a touch of life to the bouquet. For the bride, a mix of variegated lily grass and Galax leaves is added to 18 brooches in the bronze and silver color pallet. The bottom is finished with a ring of dried eucalyptus leaves and the stems are covered in a gray ribbon accented with pearl pins.


Obviously Grooms are not the most open to sparkle (plus brooches are more for women…) but this boutonniere is created with a vintage tie pin. Adds the perfect touch of vintage and glam.


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