Day 10: Snappy Snaps

Snapdragons can be overlooked for wedding flowers but in my option they are a fun and funky choice!

Snapdragons have such a great line and texture! They are also a pretty economical which allows large lush arrangements. They are a thirst flower and need a water source. This means for the bouquets a bouquet holder needs to be used, BUT a foe-handle can be created to give it more natural look. Here a large number of white snap dragons and a few clack calla lilies are created into a large earthy bouquet. The stems are covered in yellow satin ribbon and a simple shoestring bow.

Here is the same bouquet without the black mini calla lilies. This mono-floral bouquet is a modern twist to the earthy organic bouquet.

Centerpieces created for the snap dragons create a uniform look for the event. First white snap dragons are paired with black ti leaves. The ti leaves are folded and to create a strong movement and a contrast in texture and color for an interesting eye-catching piece.

A more traditional centerpiece created with a traditional mix of snap dragons, yellow roses and rolled ti leaves.

Last but not least a very lush arrangement created from ALL white snap dragons. No foliage is used for a modern look.


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