Day 12: Real Wedding, Pink Texture!

I love when my Brides decided to let me pick the flowers for their theme! It always turns out amazing and to be some of my favorite work. The Bride from this wedding was one of these types. This was a wedding I did actually quite a while ago (you may recognize the pictures from my website) but I thought I would share the behind the scenes info!

For the Bridal bouquet a mix of sweet William, cheery brandy roses, hot pink roses, spray roses, mini calla lilies, berries and orchids create a very uniform shape with a ton of texture. The handle was covered in a tight ivory ribbon. The Bride LOVED the bouquet (as well as everything else) and was one of the most excited people I have ever seen; granted I am sure it had to do with her amazing hot pink shoes, the flowers and of course marring the love of her life.

The groom wore a simple white mini calla lily accented with china berries, bear grass and the stem covered with a band of ivory ribbon with black pins and a pink sequence. The details in this boutonniere make it stand out!

The Bridesmaids carried smaller bouquet of sweet William, roses and spray roses. The two maid of honors also had orchids added in their bouquet as a special touch.

The groomsmen wore simple pink mini calla lilies accented by a touch of foliage. The stem is accented by a pink band and gold bullion wire to coordinate with the gold accents in the ribbon used for the bridesmaid bouquets.

The Flower girl was adorable!! She carried a kissing ball made from hot pink spray roses.

The ring bearer wore a boutonniere to coordinate with the Groom’s boutonniere. This was a cute touch that I truly loved!

The Minister even had a classic white calla lily boutonniere. The couple wanted the minister to be honored and this was a great way to do so. I have noticed though out the wedding I have done since that more and more couples are choosing to do this if they attend the church they are married in.

The ceremony spot had a beautiful view and was the perfect back drop for the couple to get married in. The aisle was covered with a mix of rose petal and the chairs were accented with a small cluster of flowers tied to the sides. By using the touch of color on the chairs the entire ceremony space felt uniform and inviting.

The reception room was right next to the ceremony space with the same views. There were two different types of tables. The centerpieces are created in vases provided by the bride. They were the perfect style! The mosaic sides were a great copper color and the bright colors played nicely with the accent colors mixed with the copper.


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