Day 14: Roses and Rosettes

Happy Valentine’s Day!  When I was choosing the pictures for this blog series I decided to do a twist on the garden style and a twist on the classic all rose wedding.  I figured it was only fitting to do this post on Valentine’s Day.

This bouquet is made from deep red spray roses with a ring of full size velvety roses at the bottom of the bouquet. A collar of Galax leaves and a wrap of brown rosette ribbon finish the bouquet.

For the Groom’s boutonniere spray roses are wrapped in Galax leaves and an accented by single rosette from the same ribbon that finished the handle of the bouquet.

There are a few trends that I have noticed lately. There is always the staple of half tall and half low centerpieces and the growing trend of multiple budvases on each table. I combined these two trends for the tablescape. First the low tables are created with multiple budvase of all red roses and spray roses. Each vase holds either full size roses of spray rose. By keeping the flowers grouped together and the height of the vases different the flowers are less “busy” or messy. Large (and I mean way larger than most people would think to use) are arranged in between the raves with a touch of spray rose blooms to bring in touch of color.

For the tall centerpieces a rose topiary is placed in a glass dish with a band of brown rosette ribbon. The same large rocks are placed on and around the plant. This is a great keepsake that can be planted in the couple’s yard or given to their parents to plant. Either way it is a special way to remember the day.

A couple of spray roses are placed in on the plates for a touch of color!


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