Day 15: Spring Time Centerpieces Sizes

Spring time is a perfect and popular time to get married in Southern California. As far as flowers go there are really endless options and choices! One popular combination right now is white with pops of color. I love white with yellow and orange. It is very citrus inspired and a fun feel.

In this set Hydrangea and dusty miller make up the majority of white while orange gerberas, yellow roses and acacia bring the bold colors. For the bridal bouquet a simple mix that would be a great spring accent! This would also work well as a bridesmaid bouquet. I can see it against a green dress or even a pale yellow; super cute and fun!

Centerpieces are huge part of the reception. When I provide brides with quotes I give starting prices and my suggested prices. People often ask if the size makes a major difference.  In this case the difference between the two arrangements below, the price makes a huge difference!

I decided to show two difference sizes on a 60 inch round table. I happen to have one laying around (weird I know) and this size is a very popular size for a table of 8 to 10. First the starting size is a $40 compact. This is typically a size that would fit a 6-8 person table (48 inch or smaller on a 54 inch table).

The size I usually suggest for a 60 inch round (8-10 people) starts at $65 each. This does depend on the season and which flowers can be used but the arrangement below is pictured at $65.

Something to consider while picking your centerpieces! Please ask if you have any questions!


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