Day 20: Real Wedding, Santa Ana Courthouse

Not every wedding needs to be a large over the top event. The main purpose of a wedding is to have a perfect day for you and your new spouse. It is a plus to have your loved ones there to support you even if it just a few. When one of my best friends got married I was SO happy for her. Her and her husband were high school sweethearts and are madly in loved all these years later.

It has been two years since they got married and they have since moved out of California and live in Washington where he is stationed. BUT I was honored to be a part of their wedding and still love to look through the pictures.  They were married at the historic courthouse in Santa Ana. The venue has wonderful detail and an amazing feeling!

I wanted to create an extra special bouquet for her since she is such a wonderful person, SO I used an upgraded silver holder with a mix of white lilies, quicksand roses, black mini calla lilies, hyacinth blooms and touches of feathers.

Their parents wore black mini calla lilies.


After the wedding the few guests that attended (Less than 20) joined the couple at one of their favorite restaurants where the small patio of reserved for them. Down the center of the table multiple arrangements were placed. On type was designed in a cement rectangle filled with black bacarra roses and spheres made from black wire. The second type was created in a glass bubble bowl with quick sand roses and calla lilies. I alternated the two styles to bring interest to the table.

This bouquet still gets a lot of attention in my book and was the perfect fit for the Bride! I know they will live a long and happy life together!

And a few of my favorites of the day overall!


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