Day 21: Real Wedding; Black, Green and White

My Brides are all very special to me, but this wedding always sticks out to me! Sabrina was one of my all-time favorite brides! I love her colors and her over all décor for her wedding. There is something so fun and fresh about the color theme as well whimsical with the feathers!

Sabrina’s bouquet is created from white hydrangea, green roses, star of Bethlehem, green button mums and black mini calla lilies. Accents of feathers were tucked in to add some movement and the whimsical feel. The handle was covered with black satin ribbon and finished with her grandmother’s necklace. The string was broken when she gave it to me so I strung the beads on a green wire to give it plenty of support so it would stay the entire event.

The groom wore a green rose accented with a white spray rose. I opted for the black floral tape instead of the traditional light green tape. This little accent made a HUGE difference!

Instead of the bridesmaids carrying bouquets, Sabrina choose to have them wear corsages. They were made of black mini calla lilies, white spray roses, green button mums and multiple types of feathers.

The mothers wore pin-on corsages made from white spray roses and accented with green button mums, spotted feathers and variegated lily grass in a bow shape.

The aisle had small buckets filled with hydrangea and button mums accented with hanging amaranths.

The tables were mixed between 6 and 10 person rounds with glass bubble bowl filled with white hydrangea, button mums, roses and anemones accented with hanging amaranths and black feathers. They were perfect of the tables and all the accents Sabrina picked for her wedding!

The cake was a simple two layer cake accented with cymbidium orchids and green dendrobium orchids. A few orchids were also scattered on the table for a slight touch! LOVED the cake despite the picture being slightly blurry….. I am not the greatest photographer.

I will always love Sabrina’s wedding and I love to show off all the great details!


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