Day 27: Handles

The finishing touch for all bridal bouquets is the stem wrap! There are many many many different options and they had SO much to the overall appeal of the bouquet.

Pins are a very traditional way to finish the handle. They come in the standard black and pearl styles as well as in many other fun colors!

First is an even placement of pins around the handle.

Next a straight finishing seam with alternate sequences. The touch of the glitz adds a hint of sparkle and can be for the bight pallets or even the more earthy tones (like this green and brown handle).

Another form of glitz is the bullion wire that is wrapped between around these two handles.

Besides pins there are many other accents that can be added. This handle is accented with black studs.

Not all accents have to glitzy or sparkly. This handle is first covered with ribbon then a thin layer of Spanish moss and finished with the bullion wire to bind the moss to the handle.

And then there is always a ti leaf wrap to add a topical touch!

Ribbon treatments are also a great way to finish a handle. First a ballet style accent.

Next a wrap created from three colors of thin ribbon loosely braided. This creates an interesting accent that is probably paired with a simple bouquet.

Finally bands of ribbon are tied in knots, a fun spin of “tying the knot”!


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