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A Sneak Peak! yes…. I got married in March

I loved being a Bride this year….. I can finally relate the what “my Brides” are going though! Yes I adopt the Brides I work with as “my Brides”……

When I started to plan our wedding we had three months from the time we got engaged to time we walked down the aisle! We both wanted a quick engagement but WOW, three months was a QUICK engagement! We got a sneak peak at the pictured from our photographer (Duncan Stewart at ) and I have to share. I have been asked over and over again if I did my own flowers and OF COURSE I DID!

More pictures and descriptions to coming in a little bit but until them enjoy these!

One of everybody’s favorites!

And probably my favorite flower pictures…


More to come later… I promise!


White Anemones

White Anemones are one of my favorite flowers! They were a focal in my wedding bouquet and I use them whenever I can. They are a perfect flower for spring and very cost effective (most of the time).

This arrangement is created in a cement oblong container which brings in a high contrast between the papery soft petals of the anemones. Billy balls and lotus pods add a great mix of textures which play with the container nicely.

This next arrangement is created with all anemones in two different colors. The bubble bowl has shells submerged in the vase creating a Hampton beach theme. The seeded eucalyptus adds a nice touch and the finishing touch to the arrangement.

From woodsy to beach inspired to perfectly elegant, white anemones are a perfect flower!

I am LOVING Lilac

Lilac is one of those flowers many people have positive memories of. I have heard any of the stories about lilac and how when a person sees lilac they are reminded of their childhood, Grandmother and a place they visited every spring….. There is something about the smell that brings it all back!

The great thing about lilac is that is so elegant by itself or with minimal accents. First is an arrangement with all lilac accented with black ti leaves rolled and copper bullion wire wrapped about the base of the arrangement.

This arrangement is probably one of my favorites that I have done lately. The arrangement is in an 8 inch bubble bowl with the lilac in the center of the arrangement. Stripped ti leaves are attached to the vase in a “swooping” motion. Dried lotus pods and white tulips are mixed in between the ti leaves for a fun texture and pop of color.

Mother’s Day Highlights

Some of my favorite arrangements from Mother’s Day this year!

First a planter made from a single stripped phalaenopsis orchid accented with succulents and tall bamboo.

Next a dark and dramatic stylized arrangement created from black ti leaves, burgundy ranunculus and purple mini calla lilies. Kiwi vine creates an even more dramatic line.

Finally a compact bubble bowl with a mix of lilies, stock, mini gerbera daisies and a touch of hyacinth for good measure.

A Day at the Hospital

I deliver twice a week to Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley for their gift shop.  I deliver a variety of sizes from $10 to $50. The great part about doing the hospital is I get to create many different types of arrangements in various containers and vases.

These three budvases are nice simple mono-floral arrangements. Tulips, rose and gerbera daisies.

The next mixes are a great choice for a small arrangement! First a three square green vase with anemones, sweet William, gerbera daisies and a single pin cushion protea.

Next an elegant subdued mix of hydrangea and roses accented with vines. I think this is my favorite for the week!


Next a yellow ceramic vase is filled with snap dragons, thistle, stock and finished with a bow.

For the medium / larger arrangements the bright colors are a perfect choice. First is a low green vintage inspired ceramic filled with two tones of roses and mini gerbera daisies.

Finally a glass cube is filled with snap dragons, gerbera daises, roses, thistle and foliage.

Be sure to stop by the gift shop at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center and bring your loved one some flowers to brighten there stay at the hospital.