I am LOVING Lilac

Lilac is one of those flowers many people have positive memories of. I have heard any of the stories about lilac and how when a person sees lilac they are reminded of their childhood, Grandmother and a place they visited every spring….. There is something about the smell that brings it all back!

The great thing about lilac is that is so elegant by itself or with minimal accents. First is an arrangement with all lilac accented with black ti leaves rolled and copper bullion wire wrapped about the base of the arrangement.

This arrangement is probably one of my favorites that I have done lately. The arrangement is in an 8 inch bubble bowl with the lilac in the center of the arrangement. Stripped ti leaves are attached to the vase in a “swooping” motion. Dried lotus pods and white tulips are mixed in between the ti leaves for a fun texture and pop of color.


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