A Sneak Peak! yes…. I got married in March

I loved being a Bride this year….. I can finally relate the what “my Brides” are going though! Yes I adopt the Brides I work with as “my Brides”……

When I started to plan our wedding we had three months from the time we got engaged to time we walked down the aisle! We both wanted a quick engagement but WOW, three months was a QUICK engagement! We got a sneak peak at the pictured from our photographer (Duncan Stewart at http://www.StewartWeddings.com ) and I have to share. I have been asked over and over again if I did my own flowers and OF COURSE I DID!

More pictures and descriptions to coming in a little bit but until them enjoy these!

One of everybody’s favorites!

And probably my favorite flower pictures…


More to come later… I promise!


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  1. Kate (Floret Cadet) on

    Congrats! Your bouquet was beautiful. Was it hard to choose just one of everything for your own wedding?!

    • Thank you Kate! It was VERY hard to choice just one of everything and I haven’t even got all the pictured yet! Only a “sneak peak”….. I am getting the rest this week then in the next few weeks I will be doing an entire week on my wedding. I have had so many brides and clients want to see pictures that I just HAVE to share šŸ™‚

      Plus it is fun to showcase everything that I put a lot of work into….. šŸ™‚

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