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Some Girly Gerbs

Just a quick post today 🙂

Gerbera Daisies are such a fun flower. Yes they have a bad wrap from some people but I think they are a fun and very versatile flower. I seem to use them quite a bit, especially for summer arrangements. These are all for Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center.

These are variegated pink Mini gerbera daisies with various accents.


A “wow” Stylized

When  a client calls and says I want something that will “wow” the recipient.  I always take that seriously. This was one of those times. It was going to Hoag hospital for a young lady who had surgery and the client wanted to have a very colorful arrangement that would brighten the room. This was what I came up with.

By the way, the first thing the recipient said was “wow, it is so bright and tropical feeling. Beautiful!” That always feels good!

Stylized Weekly

I have some of the best clients ever! Most of them let me choice what looks best and change it from week to week. This arrangement turned out beautiful! I love the movement and texture that the flowers created.

This vase can be a challenge sometimes since the opening is very narrow but I am up for the test!

Tiger orchids, button mums, gerbera daisies, horse tail and variegated lily grass make up this beauty.

Pink Hyacinth

Hyacinth smells AMAZING! It comes in a few colors; pinks, white, purple / lavender and a blue-ish indigo.

In these three arrangements pink Hyacinth is the star.

First a mix of hot pink Hyacinth, pink tulip and green anthiriums make up this modern textural wonder.

Next a more traditional and English garden style arrangement with black artichokes, pink Hyacinth roses and orchids accented with foliage in a large glass cube.

Third is a sweet mix perfect for a small accent on a table or to welcome a baby girl to the world. Full pink Hyacinth is accented with green dendrobium orchids and finished with a lime green band around the vase.

I can just image how great any of these arrangements make ANY room smell!

Orchids for Prom!

Oh prom…. Yes I do a ton of corsages and boutonnieres for prom. And yes I love them! I am a true flower dork…..

Here is my favorite from this prom season. This young lady had a dress that made a statement and we really did not want to draw away from it by any means, but she did need a perfect accessory.

Phalaenopsis orchids are paired with white dendrobium orchids and accented by yellow button mums, horse tail and folded lemon leaves. The corsage was attached to her own bracelet which brought in a nice sparkle.

And look how cute the packaging is!! LOVE IT 🙂