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Unique Color Combo….

I love doing things that are a little different and funky….. One of my favorite things to do is play with colors! Here are few arrangements with unique color combos.

First is a green vase that is filled with blue hydrangea, white lilies and pink roses. For some reason I love this together I know it may be slightly odd but I still love it!

Next, the same green vase is filled with blue irises, burgundy/purple-ish sweet William, orange wild flowers and finished with bark covered wire.

Third, a bright mix of oranges, red, lavender and touches of white in arranged in a cement container. The textures if the roses, spray roses, zinnias, snap dragons and kale play beautiful together.

Forth, a modern girly mix of plum, purple, white, yellow and peach is a perfect mix for a modern woman. This arrangement is placed made in a clear bubble bowl from kale, mini calla lilies, dusty miller, billy balls and roses.

Next is a bright nautical theme inspired color combo. White lilies, blue delphinium, yellow solidaster and orange roses are arranged in in large bubble bowl with golden rod sisil collaring the vase.

Finally the truly unique color combo! This arrangement is made from yellow button mums, green spider mums, pale pink stock and spotted purple phalaenopsis orchids. I would love to do  an entire party in this color combo and this it is the perfect mix for a very “mod” inspired or 60’s inspired theme. I can picture it now!! I  love it!!


Summer Roses

Roses are always a popular choice and they are of course a best seller for all occasions. When I think of summer roses I automatically think of the bright yellows and oranges. Here are some all rose arrangements that I have done for the various hospitals I service.

First a group of four blue budvases filled with orange unique roses accented with green hypericum berries and goldenrod sisil. These were given to the operators as a thank you for all their help!

Next, bright orange roses are accented with textural foliage and fillers in a bright orange ceramic container.

Third, the yellow roses are accented with a hot pink aster placed in a blue ceramic budvase, a simple yet bold statement.

Next is a yellow ceramic vase with a piece of driftwood laid across the container. Yellow roses are placed to create depth and an interesting look.

Finally a low dish filled with driftwood, tropical foliage and circus roses.

There are truly endless options for roses!

Pink Carnations!

Every time I use pink carnations I think of Carrie from Sex and City. In one episode Charlotte receives carnations from a date and calls them “filler flowers”. Carrie says she likes carnations especially the pink ones. So her boyfriend brings her a bunch to make up after they “take a break”. He ends up breaking up with her the next morning on a post-it…. “I’m sorry I can’t. Don’t hate me”…… I think I have seen that episode TOO MANY TIMES! I totally just wrote that all from memory!!

OKAY back to MY flowers…. This arrangement is created from all pink carnations accented with wax flower and vines wrapped around the edge for an interesting texture and the movement that makes the eye travel through the arrangement. This is a great way to use pink carnations (“filler flowers” J ) and make them extraordinary!

Succulent Planters

Plants, plants and plants everywhere! They seem to be a great seller right now and I have to admit I love using them since they have tons of texture! Succulents are one of my favorites right now, maybe since the ones in my yard are growing VERY nicely right now!

First a metal container with various shades of dusty greens and dark browns. Rocks finish off the arrangement to add a natural feel.

Second a ceramic container accented with a tall kiwi vine.

Finally a beach inspired planter created in white ceramic shell. Reindeer moss adds the spongy texture that is a great contrast to the glossy vessel.

SO can you tell I am obsessed with texture!


I have been using irises a lot lately….. not quite sure why I have been leaning towards them BUT they do make a beautiful arrangement.

Here is an all iris budvase (which seem to sell VERY well at the hospital).

Next a mix with unique colors in a milk jug style vase in a purple color; irises, stock, variegated mini gerbera daisies and misty blue filler.

Last be defiantly NOT least….. amazing smelling sweet peas are paired with iris and Galax leaves.