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And the WINNERS are……

This past Sunday we were part of The Bridal Showplace’s bridal fair at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach. We had a blast and met SO many great Brides and their families and friends! We ran a couple of contest and the winners are below!

How we picked the winners: after counting all the entries I mixed them all up and restacked them. Then Karen (my lovely assistant) picked a number 1 through the total number of entries and I counted from the bottom till I reached that number. WA LA, we have a winner! And thank that you to EVERYBODY who voted!!

First we offered Brides that signed up for a consultation a change to win a $500 gift certificate good for flowers for ANY occasion (and of course it can be used for the wedding if they desire) from us! The winner is Susan E. who is getting married on 5/19/12 with purple and champagne as her color theme. Sounds BEAUTIFUL with the vintage feel and using hydrangea…

Next we have the favorite bridal bouquet contest…… There were six bouquets to pick up and play with on the table. We encouraged brides, grooms, bridesmaids, mothers and everybody else in the area to vote for their favorite for a change to win a $250 gift certificate good for flowers for any occasion from us! We had almost a 100 people vote! There were mainly brides that voted but we had a few Grooms and Dads in the mix as well (which I LOVE that the guys had fun with it as well!!) and of course a decent amount of Moms and Bridesmaids! The winner was Karine B. who is the getting married on 7/7/12! Her favorite bridal bouquet was the earthy feeling green, gray and white bouquet pictured below.

The race for which bouquet was the favorite was a close one! There 1st and 2nd place bouquets were only 3 votes apart! BUT the winning bouquet was the all rose bouquet with magnolia leaf collar and a few accents of braided grass.  This bouquet even had a great fragrance!

I have to share the CLOSE 2nd place bouquet was the bright summer inspired clutch bouquet with two colors of lilies, hydrangea, roses and dahlias. The bride colors seemed to be a big draw and also seem to be a very popular choice for upcoming weddings.

We would also like to announce that we will be featuring weddings the entire month of October! This is a great way to get inspiration for real weddings, color themes and find accompanying pieces for MANY places! Be sure to check it out for inspiration…


Results Are In!

I tested for AIFD on July 2nd in San Francisco. AIFD is an organization that brings the best floral designers together to inspire each other and create a standard that is very high and a great honor to be part of. I have wanted to become an AIFD member for multiple reasons but mainly as a personal goal I want to reach. Testing is a challenge in itself. You have five categories (Wedding, flowers to wear, sympathy, arrangement and duplicate) to create an arrangement for each within the four hour time frame. You do not what flowers or products you will be given until 30 minutes prior to the test starts. You also do not know the specifics of the categories until approximately one hour prior to the testing. It is a very nerve racking time and it feels SO good to finish.

The specifics for each of the arrangements were as follows:

Sympathy- An arrangement to compliment an urn

Wedding- a “non- traditional” wedding bouquet

Flowers to wear- a shoulder piece

Arrangement- An arrangement for your mother’s birthday (I am almost positive that is correct…. I don’t have the paper work in front of me)

For the most part I was happy with my arrangements. Of course there is always something I would have changed or tweaked, but given the time frame and products we were given I was happy with the results overall. In my option my weakest pieces are my sympathy arrangement and flower to wear. I am not a fan of my sympathy arrangement AT all and I would have completely redone it if I had the time. My “flowers to wear” was too ordinary to me. I guess I have a very high standard for my corsages, after all I guest lecture on how to make them!

I really liked my wedding bouquet and thought it was very fun and funky. It is meant to be held with the cascade to one side creating an unique look. I love the bells of Ireland swooping in the back and love the movement it had overall.

My arrangement was another one I liked a lot. It is defiantly an arrangement my mom would have been happy to get and I liked how I used the roots that came still attached to the stock stems.

So I guess it is time to tell you my results! When the seven evaluators score your arrangements they average the 10 categories (per each arrangement) to come up with a number out of 5. The highest and lowest of each arrangement is dropped and the remained five scores are averaged to determine the score of the arrangement. You need 20 points to make AIDF and 16 points to make CFD. I scored high in my duplication design and my flowers to wear while my arrangement and sympathy were my two lowest scores. My total was 19.84. I JUST missed AIFD my .16 points. It was defiantly a disappointment but I know that I am a talented designer that will surely pass AIFD at some point. It was just not my year. It was quite a surprise to some other VERY talented designers not pass this year as well. BUT I am very happy and proud of two of my friends who did pass AIFD. I know they are both deserving of the letters after their name and I will join them one day! Congratulations to all of the members who passed! I have been told by many people (including members of AIFD) that I am a very talented designer and not to let this get me down. I will continue to work very hard at my craft and I am VERY thankful for all the wonderful people who have supported me and who inspired me to try again and not give up.

Below are some of my designs (Thanks Lee for the pictures!).

Sympathy Planter

From time to time I get clients looking for planters with fresh cut flowers added in. They are usually for sympathy orders. This was one of those orders. I personally LOVE the basket this is arranged in; it is a unique with wicker basket. Pale orange Asiatic lilies and white roses are placed to create a nice line. When the flowers are expired they can be removed and the planter is still perfectly decorated with kiwi vine and lotus pods tucked deep within the foliage.

Welcome Baby

Every year I enter floral arrangements in the Orange County Fair. They have some really fun themes and it is a nice way to get to do some different things.  I entered this arrangement in the “Welcome Baby, retail under $40”. I wanted to use bright colors since births are a very happy time. I used colored floral foam in the glass cube to add a bright color and to play with the product. I do not typically use the colored floral foam but I thought this would be a perfect time to use it.

The bamboo is used to create a strong line while the gerbera daisies are placed in an asymmetrical line. Hot pink sweet William finishes off the arrangement.

Large Phalaenopsis Planter!

Phalaenopsis orchids are a very elegant choice for all occasions! This one in particular was for the passing of a family member. Five stems of phalaenopsis plants are placed in a large footed vase. Various rocks are layered and topped with crushed glass. Bamboo reeds are spaced around the vase for a strong line and a perfect structure for the orchids to be supported.

A touch of kiwi vine is placed off center for a whimsical look and a band of brown rosette ribbon is the finishing touch.  All the elements are brought together in an elegant way to create a HUGE statement.