Our Wedding! Part 1: Engagement Pictures

It is about time I get around to posting pictures from my wedding…

My Husband and I dated for almost three year when he purposed. It was not unexpected since we already had a wedding date picked out and I had already bought my dress but it still was a very sweet moment and one I will never forget. We knew and both agreed we wanted a short engagement and have just under 3 months to plan the wedding! Talk about a QUICK engagement. He is not one for taking pictures and I was utterly shocked when he agreed to take engagement pictures but I have to say that it was SUCH a great experience and I think it helped him get more comfortable being in front of the camera.

I am going to start with our engagement pictures. They were taken by Amy Boring of www.aboringphoto.com  in Fallbrook. We did not know what to really expect since neither one of us had ever had professional pictures taken but Amy made it really easy and confortable! She was great and I truly LOVE the pictures!!

Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Some more of Amy’s pictures!





We ended up using them for our guestbook. I really wanted people to give us advice on how to live a happy life and we got some great advice and some silly comments (which we of course expected with our friends). Some of my favorite quotes:

“Have a forgiving heart and make crazy love.”

“Never forget how important the little things actually are. A look across the room will still melt your heart for years to come.”

“Love does conquer all and gets you through the tough times… and it’s the syrup that sweetens the good.”

I sometimes flip through the guestbook and it makes me smile every time I see the pictures and the wonderful advice that everybody gave us. Something I truly am glad we put together!


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