Our Wedding! Part 3: Portraits

Pictures are HUGE in my family! I have grown up with a camera in my face my entire life (and frankly I would not have it ANY other way!) but it was still a unique experience to had a professional following us around all day long! It was a blast… at least for me.

It was important to us (and our family) that we take the traditional portraits after the ceremony. We wanted to make sure the Chad’s grandmothers and brother and sister were included. It may have been a tad unconventional but it would not have been us if it was too traditional!

I love the wetlands in Huntington Beach!! They have been one of my favorite places for many years. We originally wanted to portraits at another location (okay, I wanted to do them at another location) but Chad, being the very logical man he is pointed out that it would be too much walking for the grandmothers and frankly the directions would get people lost! And he would have been right… but don’t tell him I said that!

Funny story; Chad and I discussed doing “pin-up” style portraits with his 1971 mustard colored Chevelle. I LOVE the color and thought it would be have been a blast BUT the day prior to the wedding Chad parked it on the street for the rentals and the other things that we needed the driveway for. Well, my mom backing out of the driveway in a slight rush (I should say we were slightly behind with all the work we needed to get done) backed right into the side of the car. The car is not in the best condition but it had a good side that did not show any rust. Guess which side she hit… yup, the good side! Needless to say she was SO upset and honestly was afraid to come back (and she would not answer her phone so I had to call her close to 20 times to let her know it was fine and she should really come back)!  We ended up ditching the car idea since it wasn’t running all that great anyways. But the good news is that the damage kind of kicked Chad into gear and it is now at the shop getting the dent fixed as well and all the other body work done and the rust fixed. So maybe we should thank my mom since he is getting the car restored, something off the to-do list!

Anyways here are some of the pictures! These were SO hard to narrow down!!

I am slightly obsessed with jumping pictures!

And Chad is obsessed with his “explorer” pictures! Every time we take picture he has to have one or two!

After the wedding we spent the night at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA. Duncan followed us up there for a few pictures! These are some of my favorites from the entire day of portraits!!

Photos: Duncan Stewart, www.StewartWeddings.com

Make-up: http://makeupbydebra.com/

Dress: Ebay (Vintage)

Dress Alterations: Designer Touch Group http://www.designertouchgroup.com/

Hair: Friend who works at http://www.supernovahairandtattoo.com/

Shoes: Nine West (sorry they have been discontinued!)

Flowers: Floral Design By Jacqueline Ahne www.jacquelineahne.com


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