Our Wedding! Part 4: Old New Barrowed Blue and the Penny in the Shoe!

We have all heard the phrase “something old something new something borrowed and something blue” and I am always interested how brides use these elements in there wedding.

My something old was my wedding ring. It was given to me over two years before our wedding by my grandmother. It had been the family since the 40s or 50s and had such a history! I always wanted to be part of a rings history and have a story to pass down. My grandmothers second cousin (I think that would make her my fourth cousin) had awesome taste in jewelry. I currently own most of it which is costume jewelry and so fun to wear! But my wedding ring was worn every day Edna owned it. She was also a world traveler and the ring has seen many places I highly do not think I will get to see; China, Cuba almost all of the USA.

Something new, my shoes! I am obsessed with gray right now and I have always been obsessed with shoes!

Something barrowed, I had two: The dragon fly clip placed under my bouquet and the Navy ring placed under my bouquet. I will explain in a minute…

Something blue, my right hand ring which happens to also be from Edna’s collection. Edna and I were both born in march (I am the 28th and she was the 30th) and this is our birthstone. Then of course there was the penny in the shoe! Not the most comfortable thing but I love the story about it. I asked if my friends had a lucky penny and none did but Lindsey gave me a penny to use. I can now say I have a luck penny…

I also have had a lot of important family members pass away. I wanted to have something that would signify that they were with me on my wedding day. I did not anything to large or to obvious so I decided that the pieces would be added to my bouquet. The pieces were wired to the underside of the bouquet which rested on my hand and allowed me to keep it private if I wanted. The most unique item was my father’s wrench. He was a mechanic and ALWAYS had the wrench with him. When I told my aunt I was incorporating it into the bouquet I think she was slightly confused on how it would look. There was also my Grandma J’s pinky ring. She wore it everyday and when she passed I got it. I always think of her when I see it. There was a dragon fly clip that I barrowed from my Aunt. It belonged to my 18 year old cousin who passed away about a year prior to my wedding. She lived in Idaho however we had developed a great relationship from writing letter back and forth and I was able to spend time with her when she came and visited just a week prior to her sudden death. The dragon fly was her thing, she had them everywhere! The other item I barrowed was my Papa’s navy ring. He was a wonderful influence on my life and showed me the kind of man I wanted to marry. He was a terrific man, husband and father. And finally there was the necklace from Grandma H. She had treasured this necklace, even kept it in the original box since the 50s! I wore a vintage dress to prom my sophomore year and she gave this necklace to me to wear. I wear it a lot and truly treasure it! I have received more compliments on this necklace then I have on most of my other pieces of jewelry!

It meant more to me then I can ever say!



Photos: Duncan Stewart, www.StewartWeddings.com

Make-up: http://makeupbydebra.com/

Dress: Ebay (Vintage)

Dress Alterations: Designer Touch Group http://www.designertouchgroup.com/

Hair: Friend who works at http://www.supernovahairandtattoo.com/

Shoes: Nine West (sorry they have been discontinued!)

Flowers: Floral Design By Jacqueline Ahne www.jacquelineahne.com



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