Exotic Textures!

Texture texture texture! It is SO important in design and one of my favorite things to play with.

I recently went to a design show put on by California State Floral Association. There were many fun things to see and wonderful people to learn from. One booth was from a designer from Northern California who gathers and branches and awesome pieces. One thing he had was branches with carved stripes. They have a unique feel that I was automatically drawn to.

I purchased a few of these striped branches to use and play around with. I have to say I really like them! They add a certain something that is unique and different and just a fun accent!

This arrangement was the first I have done with these branches. I attached the branch on this low vase and used it as the support in this design. The single anthirium leaf adds a nice drama as well as creates the base needed for the roses. The white roses are a perfect soft texture to contrast the hard look of the braches while the spotted phalaenopsis orchids add the exotic feel and a light floating feeling. The Flax leaves are looped around to help bring the eye though and around the design… Over all I loved this arrangement BUT it did not photograph nearly as nice as it looked in person!

The contrast of the stripes on the branches and the spots on the orchids is my favorite contrast of the entire arrangement!


1 comment so far

  1. Sandra on

    You used that cool branch! I need to use them too -))
    Love it!

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