Valentine’s Day Roses

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I would share some rose arrangements that I will feature this year for Valentine’s Day!

Red Roses are seminomas with Love and Valentine’s Day. So I wanted to show how different an all rose arrangement can be! These 4 styles of rose arrangements are all created using 12 long stem roses (yes some are cut shorter BUT the size of the rose itself is still a BEAUTIFUL large head) and create an interesting mix of textures and products.

First is the traditional style dozen roses. This style is a great large show stopping mix of foliage and branches. I used red dogwood to bring in the beautiful red tone and also because it brings back wonderful memories for me. The vase this is shown in is 12 inches tall!

Next is a slightly more unique traditional style. This topiary style is create by bring the focal of the arrangement up and concentrated in at the top of the design. This is pictured in a wonderful brown urn which adds a Victorian theme yet still has the modern feel with the clean lines.

Going more towards the modern feeling, the hedge design! I love this arrangement for a few reasons… a) it is completely unique! b) I am slightly obsessed with color blocking right now and c) it screams 1960’s mod! I love the 1950’s fashion and lately I hate to admit it but the 1960’s have been growing on me… bring on the big mod glasses, the black and white dresses BUT sorry, no miniskirts for me! Wow, total tangent! Back to the flowers, the clusters straight lines of roses, fillers and foliage make this a piece of art inspired by texture!

For the fourth and final of the styles I am showcasing today, the stylized rose arrangement! For people that know me (or follow my blog) you will be tired of hearing this but TEXTURE, MOVEMENT and DEPTH makes the arrangement! I feel if there is not a mix of textures the arrangement will look flat and lack the draw for the consumer. This arrangement has all three of my favorite elements! The movement in this arrangement has a strong focal with the dogwood branches that are looped to draw the eye in and around. The roses are places on various planes allowing the eye to go back forth through the arrangement. And of course this arrangement defiantly is different then something you can pick up at the grocery store (or can get out of a box!) making it a true piece of art!

I know SO many women would be happy with ANY of these arrangement but why don’t you mix it up this year and try on a new style….


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