Purple, Green and Texture

It is amazing how fast really does fly! Last year we had the pleasure of working on over 30 weddings but I have posted VERY few of them! So I am currently going through pictures to post more of the weddings.

This wedding was amazing. I loved the bride and she made it so easy for me to create a beautiful scene. We used purples greens and whites to create a vintage inspired very textural look! The bride carried a bouquet made from dahlias, stock, mini cymbidium orchids, mini calla lilies, lissianthus and lavender roses. Touches of seeded eucalyptus  add a lighter tone to the dark bouquet. The handle was covered in brown ribbon with a purple ballet wrap.

The groom wore a Picasso mini calla lily accented with brown vines.

The bridesmaids carried a bouquet made with stock roses, lissianthus and mini cymbidium orchids.

The groomsmen and ring bearer wore purple lissianthus boutonnieres.

The Mothers and Fathers wore a more neutral white and green flowers. Pin on corsages for the women and white boutonnieres for the men.

We had some awesome centerpieces! There were two styles created from similar flowers.

It was an amazing day and I wish the happy couple a wonderful life together!


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