Deep Red Wedding Flowers

July is always a busy month in the wedding industry! This July wedding was created with deep reds and burgundies with black and touches of white accents. We had a great set up at the reception but after we were done setting up we were so hot and tired that we forgot to take any pictures! BUT we did get some pictures of the awesome personal flowers.

The bride carried a bouquet made from black mini calla lilies, multiple shades of red roses, sweet William and touches of white dendrobium orchids. The handle was covered in a black ribbon and accented with a band of white stripped ribbon with a sheer band of damask ribbon over it. Pins finished the handle perfectly!

The groom wore a black mini calla lily accented with a single white dendrobium orchid and lemon leaf.

The maid of honor had a bouquet created from Asiatic lilies, mini calla lilies, stock , sweet William and touches of white dendrobium orchids.

The Bridesmaids carried bouquets similar to the Maid of honor.

I love how cute the Jr. Bridesmaid bouquet was! It was a simple bouquet made from mini calla lilies, sweet William and roses but it fit the theme perfectly!

The groomsmen wore black mini calla lilies accented with foliage.

Who says summer weddings have to have bright colors?!?! Always be true to what you want; after all it is YOUR wedding!


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