Vintage Babies Breathe

I have to say that this wedding was one of my favorite ever! I loved the bride; helps she has amazing style and she was super easy to work with!

The wedding was on the Queen Mary and have a fun feeling and even a big band to entertain the guests!! Just everything about this wedding screamed the 10930s and looked like a blast.

The bride carried a bouquet made from white kale with accents of amnesia roses and stephanotis with a collar of baby’s breath.

The groom wore a very textural boutonniere.

There were not bridesmaids but 10 groomsmen who wore all babies breathe boutonnieres.

We used all babies breathe for the centerpieces and also used them for the aisle way to add a very dramatic look!

Sorry for the bad cell phone picture but it is very hard to photograph the queen mary!

We also had a babies breathe garland amongst the frames on the fireplace where the ceremony took place. This was such a great idea! And garland down the head table.

I was very fond of the bride and her mom and I know the happy newlyweds will have a wonderful life together!

It is always funny to see me working! Pinning on the father of the bride’s boutonniere!


2 comments so far

  1. Cindy Rosales on

    Fabulous. Before I enlarged the photo, it looked like a vintage photo. So cool.

    • floraldesignbyjacquelineahne on

      Yes! Totally, saw that too!

      There were SO many awesome details to this wedding. Even the cake topper was vintage from the 40’s I believe. There bridal party was so fun, 10 guys with crazy hair, including a Mohawk!

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