Some Favorites from Alders Photography! A July Wedding

I had a great surprise earlier this year! Randomly in my inbox were these AMAZING pictures from Jenny at Alders Photography ( ). I had saw her blog after when she posted these pictures on her blog months ago (the wedding was last July!) and time just got away from me, BUT I just had to share theses!

This was a very beautiful wedding that was such a happy color theme and just a cheery day! The day could have gone very wrong because it was “carmagerdon”. For those who do not live in southern California; the 405 freeway was shut down for a whole weekend. The 405 is a MAJOR highway and closing it down could have been a huge deal. We all thought that there was going to be hours and hours of backed up traffic and since the wedding was off the 405 (in fact the exit right past the closure) we rented a larger van and left 6 hours earlier then we needed to. Of course the media had hyped the closure and there was NOBODY on the freeway. I think we saw less than 10 cars on the entire drive!! Needless to say we were 6 hours or so early, but better be safe than sorry.

It was a beautiful day and a wonderful day! Wishing them both a wonderful life together!

Some favorites of the Bridal party and their flowers”

The decor was amazing! AND Jenny did a great job capturing it!


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