Some Wedding Flower Costs to Consider

Earlier this week I read a blog by a fellow florist (one who I truly enjoy looking at their work, reading her blog and following on facebook) about the “dreaded Budget”! (You can read her blog here: I thought it was really informative and I agree with most of her points and I love how frank she is! I decided to come up with my own blog on this topic because my prices do vary from hers (mainly because I am pretty spoiled to be close to one of the largest fresh flower markets in the world as well as all the AMAZING California Grown flowers! Many things need to be taken into account as far as the cost of flowers.

Talking about bouquets:

• The labor involved- a more involved piece such as a corsage or funky boutonniere will have a higher labor cost than a traditionally designed centerpiece. This also applies to cascade bouquets vs. hand tied bouquets.

• Not all flowers cost the same; a peony does have a higher price tag then a rose. Now peonies are larger than roses and you do not need as many to fill the space. For instance, using 3 or 5 peonies in a bouquet will take up as much room as about 12 roses. SO if you love them, use them! Maybe same the pricier flowers for special pieces (Bride’s bouquet, sweetheart table, etc.)

• The amount of flowers needed for a desired look. Consider adding foliage! Yes, I said it! Bouquets do not need to be a large mass of flowers, by adding just a touch of foliage such as dusty miller, Galax leaves or even seeded eucalyptus the overall bouquet will be larger. This allows for the flowers to “breathe” and allow then space to be scene. If calla lilies are your desired look, the bride can carry a bouquet with all mini calla lilies while the bridesmaids have a bouquet with foliage mixed between the calla lilies. This does not have to have the garden feel, it can still have the modern feel by using a sleeker foliage such as Galax leaves.

• So what does a bridal bouquet cost? I tend to be on the lower end of wedding florist so my bridesmaid bouquets start at $40 each and my bride’s bouquets start at $75. Most of my brides spend $100-$150 on their bouquet and they tend to go for the small bridesmaids bouquets at $40 each.


Thinking about Centerpieces:

• Simple does not always mean inexpensive. This oh so popular look of various budvases adds up very quickly! For each budvase you will need at 1-5 flowers per vase and each flower starts at $2.00. Depending on the size of the table, you will need at least 5 vases per table to fill the center and to have it be visible in pictures. Sad to say, I have seen weddings were they only have one or two budvases were placed among candle and other items in the center of the table and you could not even see it in pictures. So to recap, you need at least 5 vases (whether you go to thrift stores and collect vintage mismatched vases/tins or purchase them through your florist) picture spending at least $2.00 each and some up to $5 or $7 each; plus an average of $8 of flowers each vase(some mixes of $2 each flower and some higher) you will spend about $65 and depending on the flowers (if you want peonies, mini calla lilies or other premium flowers) if could be $85 or higher. Then you now have 75-100 budvase after the wedding!

Each of these budvase designs cost $10

• Consider the style of vase. Colored glass vases are so beautiful and popular right and they have a high price tag to match. Consider using a black ti leaf wrapped inside a clear glass vase or a box covered in a fabric. This will dramatically change the look of the container without adding a huge price increase. Another look I LOVE, consider using a ceramic vase instead of glad. Some ceramics are very cost effective and will have a much more unique look then a glass vase. For tall centerpieces, ask about renting the vases!


• So what does a centerpiece cost? A table that seats 6 people the centerpieces start at $40 and which is typically what I suggest as not to overwhelm the table. The most popular table size is the 60 inch round table seating either 8 or 10 guest. Centerpieces start at $40 but it really is to small for the table. I typically suggest $65 and higher with the what I feel the best size is $85 or so. The way the table is set really does determine the size of the centerpiece need, be sure to ask the caterer how your table will be set.


Are you tired of reading yet?! Just a few more ideas to think about:

• Ways to stretch the budget: reuse the ceremony flowers (only if there is a cocktail hour to allow for replacement), if you choice smaller centerpieces add candles, reuse the bouquets for the head table/sweetheart table.

• Don’t forget to gather info: how are the tables set? This will affect the size of the centerpiece need.

• Consider your options: If you have your heart set on a specific flower, remember that seasons also affect the cost. If the flower has a limited availability it will cost more than if it is readily available.

• And of course, ask your florist if there are flowers that look similar but are more cost effective or for additional cost saving ideas!


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