Bright Eclectic Fun Wedding Flowers

I loved the couple that these flowers were for! They were both extremely smart (the Bride was getting her PHD for crying out loud!) and you could tell that were SO in love. I met the bride at a bridal fair and she stuck in my mind. If you have not been to a bridal show in southern California you may not realize that some of them can have over 1000 brides come through in a 4 hour period! But I remembered this bride so well because she LOVED a protea bouquet that I had on the table AND she ACTUALLY knew the name! So when it came time to plan her wedding flowers we made them very fun, bright and a celebration of spring. Typically I like to provide all the flowers used for the wedding so I can comtrol the quality and ensure they will be properly hydrated for the entire celebration but the Groom’s family had such a beautiful garden that we went through and picked most of the flowers for the centerpieces. This added a wonderful sentimental element that I know the Groom’s family as well as the couple will always remember.

I only have a few pictures to share since wedding was last year and I have not quite figured that I needed to take tons of pictures…. Which I totally regret since the flowers turned out SO fun!

First up are some of the boutonnieres:

The corsages were very colorful pin on corsages.

The centerpieces were created in some ceramics that I painted cream with touches of gold and black spots. I am not the most talented painter but I was very proud of how they turned out! Most of the flowers in the centerpieces were from the Groom’s Family garden with a few additional blooms added in. Each of the centerpieces had some unique accents including sisal or bullion wire wrapped around.

For the head table a very colorful mix of rose petals was designed in a serpent pattern.

I wish the happy could a very wonderful happily-ever-after!


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