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Beautiful Pictures from Caught in the Moment Photography!

I loved this wedding! It was a fun, elegant and beachy wedding that really reflected the couples vision!

You may recognize these pieces from my blog here:

The pictured from Caught in the Moment are WAY better and have the complete look. A HUGE thank you to Lana! You can see more of here work here:

I just love when I get caught working!


Flowers to Wear Class for Golden West College Floral Department!

I had the pleaser of guest lecturing last night at Golden West for the wedding flower class. I always enjoy going and talking to the student and TRYING to change their mind about how horrible making corsages can be! In years past we would always wire and tape a corsage and attach it to a wire wristlet that I show them how to create. This was the first year we glued the entire corsage! I am not a huge fan of gluing corsages since flowers are heavy and I do not completely trust the glue to hold the ENTRIE night while girls are dancing. With the said I was proven wrong last night! The glue held the corsage perfectly and there is no way it will be coming off!

First I showed them how to make the wire wristlet using the green oasis decorative wire. The wristlet consisted of multiple swirls that were great decorative accents as well as the perfect base to glue the flowers to. Next we started to glue! Here is how the finished product turned out.

Because I am a stickler for fanatic wire and taping I did have the class wire and tape a base for the boutonniere and glue in the flower petals. Here is the finished product.

While I was waiting for the students to finish with their design I made a second boutonniere this time with the center of the deconstructed rose.

I also made another wrist corsage; this one was wired to an extent and glued to finish it off. There were a few extra cymbidium orchids from a previous class that I was very happy to use to make the composite flower!

The students really seemed to be interested and quite a few of them actually asked questions (that can be rare!)! It always feels great to be part of the Floral Program at Golden West; after all it is where I found my passion for flowers!

Some favorite arrangements from this week!

I have been really busy this week and just wanted to share some of my favorite arrangements.

First: I love the soft colors of this arrangement and the cymbidium orchids of course! Perfect for a new baby!

Second: This was a very tall “showy” piece for its price point. The color of these gerbs was just amazing!

Next:  A simple grouped arrangement made from dendrobium orchids and accented with succulents.

And Last but not least: This traditional arrangement in one of my customer’s vase. What I love about the arrangement is texture and the contrast. When I saw these mini carnations I just had to get them! I normally do not use carnations a lot but they added a lot to this arrangement.

Large Bright Arrangement

I made this arrangement today for a get well arrangement. I have to say, I loved it! It was so bright and cheery with a unique twist. The vase was about 12 inches tall and the overall arrangement almost 30 inches tall! There were two types of orchids, sweet William, spray roses, kale, stock, gerbera daisies, ti leaves and kiwi vine.

Top View:

The vase:

Ethereal Boutonnieres and Corsages

I have been sorting through the thousands and thousands of pictures I have trying to get pieces to update my website. It is a HUGE and time consuming task but I have come a crossed quite a few pieces I had forgotten about! These boutonnieres and corsages were for a spread in Bride and Bloom Southern California Edition. I took these prior to delivering them (and on my cell phone) but I thought I would share.

When I think of Ethereal I automatically think of soft light and delicate, these are what I can up with.

First up are the boutonnieres:

A light Babies Breathe boutonniere accented with Silver wire…

Peacock Feather accented with Babies Breathe breath accenting a single succulent…

Two Billy Ball boutonnieres…

A pale pink lissianthus accented with bear grass…

White and lavender Dendrobium Orchids with a mix of light accents…

A cone of Sweet William accented with paper covered wire and wax flower….

Three Calla Lily boutonnieres with various….

And finally, a composite of rose petals and horse tail…

The Corsages:

A composite rose with peach and white petals accented with misty blue and variegated pittosporum…

A Bracelet corsage made from very textural foliage with a simple grey ribbon bow, dendrobium orchids and wax flower. There are small floral pieces on the dangling ribbons for added movement…

A bright and colorful peacock inspired corsage…

Pale pink Lissianthus accented with soft pinks…

Overall I was very happy with how they all turned out and I was happy to run across them again!

Rich Spring Flowers

When “spring flowers” are mentioned most people think of bright oranges, pink, yellow and lavenders. This arrangement is made of hyacinth and mini calla lilies which are both spring bulb flowers but the deep tones really make it a wonderfully dramatic arrangement! I just love all this arrangement and it is my favorite arrangement I made this week!

Spring Wedding Flowers aboard the Queen Mary

I love the colors in this wedding! We used peach, lavender, purple and green to have a great spring look. It was a cute story how the couple choose their wedding date. They were married on April 1st at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. They choose that date because they went on their first date on April 1st and the Groom purposed on April 1st. They pretty much had to get married on the First which was conveniently on a Sunday this year! It was meant to be!

The bride carried a clutch style bouquet made from peach spray roses, lavender roses, green hydrangea, a mix of purple carnations and composite roses made from lavender and ivory rose petals. The handle was covered in ivory ribbon with a simple bow accent.

The Bridesmaids wore a deep plum dress and carried a clutch style bouquet with green hydrangea, lavender roses, and peach spray roses, lavender stock and purple carnations. The handle was covered in plum ribbon with a simple bow accent.

The Chapel was decorated with two pillars at the front and two vertical arrangements created from light spring flowers.

Pew bows made from lavender ribbon accented the pews down the aisle.

For the reception bubble bowl arrangements were placed on each table. It was very hard to photograph in the room but it looked really pretty!

Our pictures did not do it justice! I wish the couple a wonderful happily-ever-after!

MORE Eclectic Wedding Flowers

The Bride sent me some beautiful pictures, WAY better than mine! I just had to share! 🙂

The bride had a very bright mix of flowers with just a touch of white to coordinate with the groom. Each of the bridesmaids had a bouquet created from her favorite flower. The “Best lady” wore a corsage made from her favorite flower (ranuculas, most of which was growing in her parents garden). I just LOVE the Best Lady’s corsage! So stylish and fun!!!

It looks like the party was a success! I love how happy everybody looks while dancing, and their pin-on corsages/boutonnieres look pretty darn nice as well! 🙂

Each of the centerpieces was created with flowers mainly from the Groom’s parents garden. They had amazing flowers! Even some award winning!