MORE Eclectic Wedding Flowers

The Bride sent me some beautiful pictures, WAY better than mine! I just had to share! 🙂

The bride had a very bright mix of flowers with just a touch of white to coordinate with the groom. Each of the bridesmaids had a bouquet created from her favorite flower. The “Best lady” wore a corsage made from her favorite flower (ranuculas, most of which was growing in her parents garden). I just LOVE the Best Lady’s corsage! So stylish and fun!!!

It looks like the party was a success! I love how happy everybody looks while dancing, and their pin-on corsages/boutonnieres look pretty darn nice as well! 🙂

Each of the centerpieces was created with flowers mainly from the Groom’s parents garden. They had amazing flowers! Even some award winning!


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  1. Cindy Rosales on

    I know who the mother of the bride is. She’s a district attorney downtown. She does ballroom dancing. But her name escapes me right now. Small world. She’s really nice.

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