Flowers to Wear Class for Golden West College Floral Department!

I had the pleaser of guest lecturing last night at Golden West for the wedding flower class. I always enjoy going and talking to the student and TRYING to change their mind about how horrible making corsages can be! In years past we would always wire and tape a corsage and attach it to a wire wristlet that I show them how to create. This was the first year we glued the entire corsage! I am not a huge fan of gluing corsages since flowers are heavy and I do not completely trust the glue to hold the ENTRIE night while girls are dancing. With the said I was proven wrong last night! The glue held the corsage perfectly and there is no way it will be coming off!

First I showed them how to make the wire wristlet using the green oasis decorative wire. The wristlet consisted of multiple swirls that were great decorative accents as well as the perfect base to glue the flowers to. Next we started to glue! Here is how the finished product turned out.

Because I am a stickler for fanatic wire and taping I did have the class wire and tape a base for the boutonniere and glue in the flower petals. Here is the finished product.

While I was waiting for the students to finish with their design I made a second boutonniere this time with the center of the deconstructed rose.

I also made another wrist corsage; this one was wired to an extent and glued to finish it off. There were a few extra cymbidium orchids from a previous class that I was very happy to use to make the composite flower!

The students really seemed to be interested and quite a few of them actually asked questions (that can be rare!)! It always feels great to be part of the Floral Program at Golden West; after all it is where I found my passion for flowers!


2 comments so far

  1. mary on

    Really enjoy seeing your work. It is contemporary and refreshing…Thanks for sharing

  2. Gail Call AIFD on

    Beautiful!!! Love your style Jacqueline!! Thanks so much for giving your time & talent back to the GWC audience! Hugs, Gail

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