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Modern Calla Lily Wedding

I love when couples have an AWESOME venue! This wedding was held above a restaurant in Venice. It had so much charm and unique elements… I just loved it! Some of the pictures were taken around the venue and you can see the unique feel it had! The whole wedding consisted of about 30 guests that enjoyed the informal ceremony on the rooftop. It was SUCH a hot day so I hope the breeze picked up!

The bride carried a crescent bouquet made from dahlias, calla lilies and roses accented with AMAZING leaves.

The Bridesmaids wore grey dresses and carried a mix of white calla lilies and open white roses. They stems were covered in grey ribbon accented with gold wire for a modern feel.

The personal flowers were created with mini calla lilies and accented with gold wire.

Around the area we placed a few cylinders filled with submerged calla lilies.

And then there is the sky light! This was on the rooftop and looked into the kitchen. I t was pretty neat! We placed some tea light candles and looped calla lilies around the ledge.


Pictures from AIFD testing!

In July I traveled to Miami where I participated in the Professional Floral Design Evaluation for AIFD ( I have tested for AIFD twice before both times getting EXTREMELY close to passing. This time was different…. All of my scores qualified me to PASS the evaluation! Needless to say I am excited beyond belief….

The evaluation consisted on creating 5 arrangements in various categories. Here are the details:

The Duplication design- we were given a printed picture of a hand tied arrangement. It was difficult to see all the details in the picture, but I was very happy with how it came out…. I received a score of 4.0

The Sympathy Arrangement- A standing easel….. I used a bouquet holder instead of the traditional floral foam cage. I was really happy with how this arrangement turned out and I was surprised this was my lowest scoring piece with a 3.78


The Wedding Arrangement- A Ring Bearer Pillow…. They had provided a white traditional pillow and I knew I did not want to use it. This was one of my time consuming piece but also one of my favorites. As soon as I knew we needed to have a ring bearer pillow I knew what I wanted to do right away!! I loved how it turned out! My score was 4.20

Flowers to Wear- A floral Necklace…  I love flowers to wear!! This turned out so fun and even had a way to connect it! Fun fun fun…. My score 4.12


The Arrangement- an Arrangement for a cocktail table…. I was pretty worried that I may have made this arrangement to tall. Typically a cocktail table it a 36 inch pub table. This was my highest score! 4.24

AIFD is something that I have wanted to do for many years. It is hard to describe how I feel but I feel validated as a floral designer. I have had such a great career already and in just a short 8 years. I have worked with and learned from so many wonderful designers here in California and even spent some time in Germany. I am just so pleased that I will be taking my career to the next level.

Red, Burgundy and Black Feathers!

I thought these pictures were lost BUT I found them this morning and I was SUPER excited!!

I loved this Couple’s style! Every time I saw the bride she had the cutest cloths and heels on. She was super classy and I loved it! Her bouquet was just as classic and elegant! She carried a bouquet made of various types of burgundy roses and black mini calla lilies. The handle was covered in a plum ribbon accented with pearl pins and the underside of the bouquet was accented with black feathers.

The flowers to wear were also made from black mini calla lilies and the flower girl carried a burgundy mum pomander.

The arch had a spray made form burgundy flowers.

The reception was on the Queen Mary which is definitely one of my favorite venues. The centerpieces were created from various roses and accented with black feathers and long strings of pearls.

I loved this wedding and this couple…. I know they will have a very wonderful happily-ever-after!

A White Bling Wedding

There is definitely a WOW factor with this wedding! The personal flowers were all spectacular and the reception was a gorgeous party location.

Starting with the Bride’s bouquet…. A large arrangement of Seeded eucalyptus and mini calla lilies were accented with touches of sparkle and a detailed ribbon collar to finish off the look.

Then there is the bridesmaid bouquets that were made from with roses accented with blue stem dyed orchids and finished with teal feathers and a jeweled handle.

The boutonnieres and corsage were made from mini calla lilies and the Groom had a touch of bling to coordinate with his Bride.

I wish I would have gotten some great ones of the rest of the flowers, but these defiantly showcase how beautiful the entire event was! I wish this couple a wonderful happily-ever-after!

Purple White and Kale wedding!

I was going through pictures on my computer and found these from a wedding last summer. It was such a beautiful wedding I just had to share!

I loved the detail on the bride’s bouquet with the picture of her loved one. The bow added a perfect place to incorporate it and really show it off!

The Bridesmaids carried a fun bouquet made of kale, roses and lissianthus.

There were quite a few different personal flowers that were made from spray roses, roses and lissianthus.

A super cute pomander and boutonniere for the flower girl and ring bearer!


And of course there was this AMAZING cake! The cake itself was made from Torrance Bakery and I placed the hydrangea and roses between the layers for the over the top look!