Pictures from AIFD testing!

In July I traveled to Miami where I participated in the Professional Floral Design Evaluation for AIFD ( I have tested for AIFD twice before both times getting EXTREMELY close to passing. This time was different…. All of my scores qualified me to PASS the evaluation! Needless to say I am excited beyond belief….

The evaluation consisted on creating 5 arrangements in various categories. Here are the details:

The Duplication design- we were given a printed picture of a hand tied arrangement. It was difficult to see all the details in the picture, but I was very happy with how it came out…. I received a score of 4.0

The Sympathy Arrangement- A standing easel….. I used a bouquet holder instead of the traditional floral foam cage. I was really happy with how this arrangement turned out and I was surprised this was my lowest scoring piece with a 3.78


The Wedding Arrangement- A Ring Bearer Pillow…. They had provided a white traditional pillow and I knew I did not want to use it. This was one of my time consuming piece but also one of my favorites. As soon as I knew we needed to have a ring bearer pillow I knew what I wanted to do right away!! I loved how it turned out! My score was 4.20

Flowers to Wear- A floral Necklace…  I love flowers to wear!! This turned out so fun and even had a way to connect it! Fun fun fun…. My score 4.12


The Arrangement- an Arrangement for a cocktail table…. I was pretty worried that I may have made this arrangement to tall. Typically a cocktail table it a 36 inch pub table. This was my highest score! 4.24

AIFD is something that I have wanted to do for many years. It is hard to describe how I feel but I feel validated as a floral designer. I have had such a great career already and in just a short 8 years. I have worked with and learned from so many wonderful designers here in California and even spent some time in Germany. I am just so pleased that I will be taking my career to the next level.


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  1. Dawn Block on

    Congratulations on your pass!. I have tried last year, did not make it to Miami this year , however, will be going to Las Vegas. I will test, then go to dinner to watch you get your pin!.
    Congratulations again to you. job well done.
    Dawn Block CFD

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