Modern Calla Lily Wedding

I love when couples have an AWESOME venue! This wedding was held above a restaurant in Venice. It had so much charm and unique elements… I just loved it! Some of the pictures were taken around the venue and you can see the unique feel it had! The whole wedding consisted of about 30 guests that enjoyed the informal ceremony on the rooftop. It was SUCH a hot day so I hope the breeze picked up!

The bride carried a crescent bouquet made from dahlias, calla lilies and roses accented with AMAZING leaves.

The Bridesmaids wore grey dresses and carried a mix of white calla lilies and open white roses. They stems were covered in grey ribbon accented with gold wire for a modern feel.

The personal flowers were created with mini calla lilies and accented with gold wire.

Around the area we placed a few cylinders filled with submerged calla lilies.

And then there is the sky light! This was on the rooftop and looked into the kitchen. I t was pretty neat! We placed some tea light candles and looped calla lilies around the ledge.


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  1. Elizabeth Davis on

    I love your work. I finally have a bride that will let me design a crescent bouquet for her. This is similar to what I was thinking of for my design. I’m planning on using calla lilies and feathers, among other flowers. My comfort zone is hand tying bouquets not matter what shape, however I think this one will have to be designed in oasis. Is that what you did here? If so, is there a trick to inserting the calla lilies in the bouquet? Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • floraldesignbyjacquelineahne on

      Hi Elizabeth!

      Thank you for the kind words! I LOVE the crescent bouquet and I wish more brides would do them. This is created in an oasis bouquet holder (I used a straight handle for the crescent and typically use a slanted handle for the cascades). Callas can be difficult to insert into the foam but a great trick is to use a small piece of chenille stem (aka pipe cleaner). You do not need a long piece but still one end of the chenille stem into the stem of the calla (if the stem splits you can put a small piece of floral tape) and then insert into the foam. The chenille will wick the water to the calla as well as help to hold the stem in the foam. Some of the callas in this bouquet are simply glued into place, which is also and option. I would finish of the process by using “bouquet lock” of other brand of glue that you spray on the foam AFTER the bouquet has been made. I am also make these style bouquet the day of the event so i have less to worry about (despite having a cooler I am always nervous the flowers will drink all the water really quickly).

      Hope that made scene and helped!

      • Elizabeth Davis on

        Hi Jacqueline,

        I just wanted to give you an update on the bouquet I made. I think it came out great and the bride (my friend from childhood) loved it. I designed it to fit her personality and everyone agreed, it was her. Do you have an address that I can send a picture too? I would like to get your opinion. I would like to become AIFD certified, someday and could use advise from anyone who has been through it.


  2. floraldesignbyjacquelineahne on

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I would love to see the picture! My email address is: . I am more then happy to give you any advise I can on AIFD. Testing for the certification did teach me A LOT and it is really important not to get discouraged. I was very disappointed the first two times I tested and did not pass, however it was a worth while experience since I learned from each testing and improved my skills after.

    Please email me and I will be happy to discuss with you in more depth!

    Have a great weekend!

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