2012 in Review

When this year started off I had no idea it would be as successful and happy as it was! I am truly thankful for all my wonderful clients who made it possible for the business to be a success. This year we took part in over 45 events. Each of my Brides was unique and fun to work with! There were multiple cascade bouquets (and even a Crescent bouquet!!) as well as a wide range of colors.

Some trends I have notices:

  • White is coming back… There were many events that had white flowers as a focus.

2012 White Flowers; Floral Design By Jacqueline Ahne

  • Blue Blue Blue! Blue has always been a huge color for wedding but in 2012 I saw more blue weddings then another year!!

2012 blue wedding flowers; Floral Design By Jacqueline Ahne

  • Fun with Feathers…. Two weddings this year used feathers as accents (not including the multiple weddings I provided boutonnieres for via Etsy!).

2012 feather weddings; Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne

There were also two weddings in my Family…. My sister-in-law married her hubby in September and my Best friend was married in July.  My sister-in-law’s very personal wedding was on the blog here: https://floraldesignbyjacquelineahne.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/daisies-and-diamonds-photographed-by-brian-hawkins-photography/

And My Best friend’s wedding has yet to be shared on the blog….. it will be shared soon…. It was amazing! But I may be slightly bias….


I also had the opportunity to work with Jen from Something Turquoise for a new feature on her blog; Bouquet Blueprint as well as the Valentine’s inspiration shoot and my top 10 ideas for planning your wedding flowers. All the pictures below are by Mike at Studio Eleven Weddings.

2012 something tur


It is amazing to see that there were 52,000 views on my blog from people in 149 countries….

I posted 71 blogs (not including this one) with 742 pictures total….

I joined Pinterest as well as Instagram and have become slightly addicted to both!

I was published in a couple of magazines and I was accepted to be inducted to AIFD in 2013. Both of which are HUGE!

What is in store for 2013? Good question…. I have many things that are in the works:

  • Get to know more about me…. What is my style and favorite influence? Tours of the studio….
  • Weddings film clips…. Quick videos of the set up at weddings and events posted to Facebook.
  • More informative posts…. Questions to ask while planning your table; inspirations for specific types of flowers or colors; advise on creating a timeline (from me, a former Bride and a current wedding vendor!)
  • And a few surprises!

To each of my readers, Brides (past, present and future), friends and family I wish you a wonderful 2013 filled with happiness and success! Cheers!!


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