After years in the floral industry Jacqueline Ahne decided it was time for her to venture out on her own. She opened Floral Design By Jacqueline Ahne in 2009. At the age of 17 she discovered her passion for floral design. She started taking Floral Design classes at Golden West Community Collage and fell in love. The classes opened her eyes to many unique techniques and ways of design. She completed the certificate program at Golden west in May 2007. Later that year she spent three months in Europe studying with world renowned floral designer Gregor Lersch. Upon her return to California, she took the manager and head designer position at Costa Mesa Florist until the owners decided to close the doors in 2009. She is a proud member of the advisory committee for the Floral Design Program at Golden West, has competed and placed in many competitions through out Southern California, and continues to attend various educational programs. In November she completed the process to become CCF, California Certified Florist.






8 comments so far

  1. Vera on

    You must be a great person, judging by the great job you do… I’m really impressed!

  2. Ceilia Seymour on

    Amazing work!

  3. Gloria Calderon on

    I am amazed at your work. I currently work as a part-time florist at a supermarket, but I would rather work in a floral shop. Do you have any suggestions as to how i should go about that?

    • floraldesignbyjacquelineahne on

      Hi Gloria,

      Thank you for the kind words! With Valentines day coming up many shops will be looking for part time seasonal help. This is a great time to go around and apply at various shops in your area. You may end up having to just clean flowers and buckets but the exposure to the daily orders is a wonderful way to be inspired and to learn some basic design. Valentines day is a CRAZY time in flower shops but if you work well with the staff they may keep you in mind for when they are hiring full time.

      Good luck and I hope you do decide to enter a flower shop since you will see a HUGE difference and learn so many wonderful things!

  4. Rina Karia on

    Great blog – you have prepared some amazing pieces of work! I am currently starting up flower arranging more professionally and your ideas are an inspiration! If you have any tips for me, do get in touch!

  5. B on

    Wow! Amazing work….. It is so inspirational and got my creative juices flowing…thank you!

  6. Rezen Go on


  7. Miriam Somoano on

    Beautiful detailed work, you are an inspiration to others.

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