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Big News, Small is Size!

SO… I have been MIA from my online presence lately and I have a VERY good reason…

Today I am 14 weeks pregnant! My husband and I are extremely excited and scared all at the same time. It is a huge change in our lives but we have never been more ready.

 I am finally out of my first trimester and practically over the horrendous morning sickness! I can now look at my computer, look at my phone and eat without running to the bathroom or grabbing a bucket (too much information?). Now that I can actually look at my computer I will be posting more!

 What does this mean for FDBJA, well not too much really, I have amazing assistance that have been extremely helpful the past few months while I have been feeling my worst. One of the many differences, I am not planning on climbing any ladders for weddings as we get deeper in the wedding season BUT you will still see me pointing and directing my assistance as they hang arches. Plus as you know, I am just a little bit of a perfectionist and it will be PERFECT or it will be re-done.

 So, a little bit of the fun personal side. We do not know the gender yet but we do have names and they are AWESOME… I will not share them just yet though. Also I love how my husband actually likes going to my doctor visits and seeing the baby on the ultrasounds. He is going to be such a wonderful father! We have had four ultrasounds so far and they just keep getting more fun each time we go. Our fridge has way to may ultrasound pictures on it and one even looks JUST like my husband. He refuses to see it but it is SO true!

 That pretty much wraps it up! Next post will be about flowers, I swear! 🙂


On A Personal Note: Germany

It is amazing how a song can spark a memory. Well tonight I was flipping through the channels trying to find something to put on while I was cleaning the house and I stumbled upon VH1 Storytellers Norah Jones. I was automatically taken back to the time I spent in Europe. I had the great honor of learning from an AMAZING florist in Germany. I was working with him and his team for over two months in the small town of Bad Neuenahr which is just south of Bonn. I was reminded of this time in my life (about 5 years ago now!) because one day while the team was working at the Garden Facility Gregor put on the song “Going to be Sinking Soon” by Norah Jones. He played the song over and over again throughout the entire time I was part of the team. Every time I hear Norah Jones I think of him and it always reminds me of the comradely that I experienced. There were people from all over the world working in this small town learning from a Master; it was quite an opportunity that I am extremely thankful I had.

I have never really shared the pictures from when I was out there so I thought I would share a few tonight in a quick blog. These are the some of the sights I saw and the experiences I had…..

From my Flat:

I was back from lunch early one day and I decided to go to the park…. I had a blast on the swings!

On my last day as part of the team Gregor sang for me….. He sang “When the Saints Go Marching In” and changed some of the lyrics, it brings such a smile to me now even 5 years later.

Bridal Showplace’s bridal fair at Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel

There are so many reasons I enjoy doing bridal fairs! First, I love to talk to brides and help them imagine their floral décor.  Second, it is VERY educational for ME! We have a contest were have couples, mothers of the Bride, friends of the couple and anybody else who would wanted to vote for their favorite bridal bouquet. This is just market research for me so I can see what people like and what colors are on people’s minds. This time it really confirmed the “hot trends” for the year! And finally I love to wonder around and see what other wedding vendors are doing! This time there were some AMAZING cakes that I personally thought were so creative and modern!

On to the bouquets from the bridal fair last Sunday:

Bouquet number 1 was created with white hydrangea, pale pink stock, pale pink way flower and orange roses. Orange is a very bright wonderful color for weddings and it is “the color of the year” according to experts! I wanted to have something with textures and soft to bold tones that screamed modern yet classic and elegant. This bouquet did the trick.

Bouquet number 2 was a fun a funky orange bouquet made with light pink sweet William, two types of pin cushion proteas and orange tulips. The handle is covered in a pale pink ribbon with a sheer bright orange ribbon over it.

Bouquet number 3 was a classic red rose bouquet with a slight spin! I include two types of red fillers to mimic the difference in reds with the roses. This was a fantastic way to add texture as well as “bulk” up the bouquet.

On the handle of the bouquet a black ti leaf was wrapped for a different texture as well as a soft feeling texture as you hold the bouquet and walk down the aisle.

Bouquet number 4 was a very vintage inspired bouquet created with dusty miller, light pink alstromeria and pale pink stock. The handle was covered with a pink satin ribbon and finished with a shoestring bow.

Bouquet number 5 was a perfect bouquet for the very popular blue colors! Light blue hydrangea was paired with blue delphinium, light green roses and plum anemones. This truly was a amazing bouquet!

We had a great booth right in the lobby as the guests for the bridal fair walked in. We were holding up traffic for much of the early part of the bridal show! We had many wonderful brides that was talked to and hope to meet with many of them to discuss their wedding flowers as well as bring their vision to life! We were running a contest to see which bouquet was the favorite and my assistant and I love to guess which one won! She guessed bouquet number 3 with the red roses and I guested the modern yet classic white and orange bouquet (number 1) … we were BOTH wrong! The blue bouquet won by just 10 votes over the modern orange and pink bouquet! I love when creative wins! It reminds me that being creative is very important and having fun with the design really does show through to the guests!

We had a wonderful day and we hope all of the Brides did as well!


Sympathy arrangements are a great way to personalize a memorial service. This service was for a woman who loved stargazers and red roses. This arrangement was for a table and made from deep red roses, stargazers, burgundy dahlia and pink sweet William.

The standing spray was more stylized. Equisetum was made into triangles to fill an empty space and create a unique element. Rolled ti leaves and palm berries are on the opposite side to balance and finish the line. Red roses and stargazer lilies are accented with safari sunset are the focal of the spray.

Flowers can help to honor the deceased and are a great way to honor the deceased.

Billy Ball Wedding Flowers

Billy Balls are so fun and perfect for a playful casual wedding!

I had the pleasure of working with a super cute couple for their wedding on 10/16/11. There colors were so fun; Grey, white, yellow and green. Maybe because the colors were similar to my wedding but they were one of my favorite color combos lately!

I will show more pictures when I get them from the photographer, but here are a few that I snapped before I delivered them.

The groom wore a boutonniere made from Billy balls and a white button mum accented with dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus.  The groomsmen wore boutonnieres made from Billy balls and seeded eucalyptus.

The fathers wore white lissianthus accented with Billy balls. The mothers had wrist corsages made to match the fathers.

The Bride’s bouquet as SO fun! It was made from white dahlias, white scabiosa, white star of Bethlehem, brunia, Billy balls, seeded eucalyptus and dusty miller. The bouquet was finished off with dusty miller and eucalyptus and grey ribbon.

The bridesmaids carried bouquets made from green button mums, white button mums, yellow dahlias, Billy balls, dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus.

Overall the wedding was SO beautiful and the couple looked EXTREMELY happy! It was a pleasure to work with them and I know they will happily-ever-after!

Our Wedding! Part 1: Engagement Pictures

It is about time I get around to posting pictures from my wedding…

My Husband and I dated for almost three year when he purposed. It was not unexpected since we already had a wedding date picked out and I had already bought my dress but it still was a very sweet moment and one I will never forget. We knew and both agreed we wanted a short engagement and have just under 3 months to plan the wedding! Talk about a QUICK engagement. He is not one for taking pictures and I was utterly shocked when he agreed to take engagement pictures but I have to say that it was SUCH a great experience and I think it helped him get more comfortable being in front of the camera.

I am going to start with our engagement pictures. They were taken by Amy Boring of  in Fallbrook. We did not know what to really expect since neither one of us had ever had professional pictures taken but Amy made it really easy and confortable! She was great and I truly LOVE the pictures!!

Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Some more of Amy’s pictures!


We ended up using them for our guestbook. I really wanted people to give us advice on how to live a happy life and we got some great advice and some silly comments (which we of course expected with our friends). Some of my favorite quotes:

“Have a forgiving heart and make crazy love.”

“Never forget how important the little things actually are. A look across the room will still melt your heart for years to come.”

“Love does conquer all and gets you through the tough times… and it’s the syrup that sweetens the good.”

I sometimes flip through the guestbook and it makes me smile every time I see the pictures and the wonderful advice that everybody gave us. Something I truly am glad we put together!

Results Are In!

I tested for AIFD on July 2nd in San Francisco. AIFD is an organization that brings the best floral designers together to inspire each other and create a standard that is very high and a great honor to be part of. I have wanted to become an AIFD member for multiple reasons but mainly as a personal goal I want to reach. Testing is a challenge in itself. You have five categories (Wedding, flowers to wear, sympathy, arrangement and duplicate) to create an arrangement for each within the four hour time frame. You do not what flowers or products you will be given until 30 minutes prior to the test starts. You also do not know the specifics of the categories until approximately one hour prior to the testing. It is a very nerve racking time and it feels SO good to finish.

The specifics for each of the arrangements were as follows:

Sympathy- An arrangement to compliment an urn

Wedding- a “non- traditional” wedding bouquet

Flowers to wear- a shoulder piece

Arrangement- An arrangement for your mother’s birthday (I am almost positive that is correct…. I don’t have the paper work in front of me)

For the most part I was happy with my arrangements. Of course there is always something I would have changed or tweaked, but given the time frame and products we were given I was happy with the results overall. In my option my weakest pieces are my sympathy arrangement and flower to wear. I am not a fan of my sympathy arrangement AT all and I would have completely redone it if I had the time. My “flowers to wear” was too ordinary to me. I guess I have a very high standard for my corsages, after all I guest lecture on how to make them!

I really liked my wedding bouquet and thought it was very fun and funky. It is meant to be held with the cascade to one side creating an unique look. I love the bells of Ireland swooping in the back and love the movement it had overall.

My arrangement was another one I liked a lot. It is defiantly an arrangement my mom would have been happy to get and I liked how I used the roots that came still attached to the stock stems.

So I guess it is time to tell you my results! When the seven evaluators score your arrangements they average the 10 categories (per each arrangement) to come up with a number out of 5. The highest and lowest of each arrangement is dropped and the remained five scores are averaged to determine the score of the arrangement. You need 20 points to make AIDF and 16 points to make CFD. I scored high in my duplication design and my flowers to wear while my arrangement and sympathy were my two lowest scores. My total was 19.84. I JUST missed AIFD my .16 points. It was defiantly a disappointment but I know that I am a talented designer that will surely pass AIFD at some point. It was just not my year. It was quite a surprise to some other VERY talented designers not pass this year as well. BUT I am very happy and proud of two of my friends who did pass AIFD. I know they are both deserving of the letters after their name and I will join them one day! Congratulations to all of the members who passed! I have been told by many people (including members of AIFD) that I am a very talented designer and not to let this get me down. I will continue to work very hard at my craft and I am VERY thankful for all the wonderful people who have supported me and who inspired me to try again and not give up.

Below are some of my designs (Thanks Lee for the pictures!).

Tropical Sympathy

I do not get to do a lot of wreathes based on their cost. They start at $150 for a small wreathe. This was a nice exception. I love to use tropical flowers for sympathy flowers because they are stately and very elegant. The textures are amazing in this wreathe!

Hospital Flowers

In just two weeks I will be providing Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley with fresh flowers and plants for the gift shop. I am looking forward to working them!

There will be arrangements ranging from $10 that will be available to purchase.

These are the arrangements I delivered to the hospital with my proposal.  I was among the three top contender and chosen as the winner!

Plants and Flowers! …OH MY

The fun thing about these arrangements is there is a plant that can be removed after the fresh flowers have expired! A great way to have a long lasting gift with the size of a fresh flower arrangement!